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Victor Vermeulen

victor vermeulen

Victor Vermeulen - Motivational Speaker and Team building - Johannesburg

Victor Vermeulen is a leading inspirational speaker and best-selling author. His book, “The Victor Within”, has sold over 21,000 copies. Victor has experienced firsthand the incredible power of resilience – he is a quadriplegic who injured himself in a swimming pool accident nine years ago. Before this time he was a gifted athlete.

He has had many sporting achievements including playing three years South African Cricket and the breaking of the Nuffield 20-year batting record of Graham Pollock 175 (not out) at the age of 16. His biggest sporting highlight is when he played at Lords for Transvaal A against a world invitation side.

As a junior he was prodigy of Jimmy Cook and amongst others played with Shaun Pollock, Hansie Cronje, Daryl Cullinan and Adam Bacher.

He played South African Schools Soccer and at 15 was approached by Jomo Sono to play for Cosmos. He also played Craven final trials rugby as a Std 9 and 10 student.

Victor’s dynamic presentation “The Winner Within” is accompanied by powerful video and audio footage and guarantees to energize any audience.

victor vermeulen

Victor Vermeulen had it all! From a very early age, he'd excelled at both academics and sports and boasted an expansive list of bursaries and awards. He could have represented his country at any number of sports but his first love was always cricket. At 19 he'd already played with a young South African team at Lords the famous English test ground and was settling into a career with Transvaal. It was really just a matter of time, it was felt, before he would be given the opportunity to go in and bat for South Africa.

Then, a freak accident left him paralysed from the neck down with little apparently to look forward to, only memories of a dazzling past and thoughts of what might have been!

Victor however, as his name implies, is made of sterner stuff! He didn't dwell on the past, but looked at the positive aspects of his situation and with his mother Isabel’s support and encouragement, set off down a new path as a motivational speaker.

A natural communicator, Victor's message is a universal one, that it is possible, no matter what the difficulties, to achieve your goals and fulfill your ambitions.

His extraordinary story of courage, optimism and sheer determination is told in his best-selling book 'The Victor Within' (Tenacity Publications) which has the following forewords by Nelson Mandela (Mentioned Above) and the late Christopher Reeve.

victor vermeulen

Until a few years ago, Victor Vermeulen was one of those wonder kids you read about in the newspapers. One of those kids who excelled in everything he did from academics through to sporting activities.

Victor Vermeulen’s academic brilliance brought him offers of bursaries from schools far and wide, and his sporting achievements saw him playing First Team Soccer and Rugby for the best part of his senior school years. By the time Victor Vermeulen left school he was playing Cricket for Transvaal and had already played at the infamous Lords Cricket Grounds in London. Victor Vermeulen was the up and coming star of South African Cricket.

Victor Vermeulen had everything going for him until tragedy hit, not once, but twice in 1992.

At the beginning of 1992, Victor Vermeulen’s dad, who was his mentor and hero, was brutally murdered by thugs, and then, just six months later, he had an accident that left him a ‘Quadriplegic’ for life. But don’t get this kid wrong. Victor Vermeulen does not dwell on his problems and disabilities or spend his time having pity parties. Victor Vermeulen is bright and intelligent and has a sense of humour that will have you rolling in the aisles. Victor Vermeulen has the guts, determination and tenacity to a level of which you may never have seen before.

Tragedies of this kind leave normal human beings angry and resentful, but not this boy. Victor Vermeulen has chosen to be positive and thankful that he has a life, and the lessons we can learn from him are invaluable.

Imagine a life where, for all intents and purposes, you are trapped in a body that cannot and will not move, not now and probably not ever. Imagine a life where you cannot go anywhere without assistance, cannot sit up or sit down, not drink water without help and not breathe without thinking!! This is what this young man has to live with day in and day out. And whilst living like this, you still have to challenge your mind to stay positive. Could you do it? Well Victor Vermeulen does, with passion, enthusiasm and, to top it all, a great sense of humour.

victor vermeulen

This presentation will send you on a roller coaster emotional ride that will leave you with the ultimate respect for this special human being. Not only respect for him as an individual, but sheer admiration for his mother, who is the life soul of this wonderful person, without whom he could not live.

Conference Speakers International feels proud that Victor Vermeulen allows them the privilege of representing a human being of such immense knowledge and wisdom.

CV for Introduction for Victor Vermeulen

* Final Trials Craven Week Rugby – Standard 9/10
* SA Schools Soccer
* Age 15 – Jomo Sono asked him to play for Cosmos professionally
* Played with the likes of Mark Fish and Eric Tinkler
* 4 Years Transvaal Under 19 Schools Cricket
* 3 Years SA Schools Cricket
* Broke Graham Pollock’s record at Nuffield Week (Provincial Schools) 175 Not Out (record stood for 20 years before it was broken)
* TVL U24 – Cricket
* TVL B – Cricket
* TVL A – Cricket
* Played with Hansie Cronje, Herschel Gibbs, Shaun Pollock, Darryl Cullinan – just to mention a few
* Played at Lords in England
* Achieved all this before the age of 19

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Victor Vermeulen - Motivational Speaker and Team building - Johannesburg

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