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Rina De Klerk

rina de klerk

Rina De Klerk - Motivational and Keynote Speaker - Johannesburg

My passion is to really make a difference and to guide people to make choices in terms of their value system, in order to grow and fulfil their God given potential at work and in their personal lives.

Each human is unique. To unlock the vast potential in each of us, I believe that I as a coach / trainer must have integrated theory and real life experience to be able to “walk the talk”. I need to passionately convey knowledge via experiential learning to others. Only in doing so does one utilise the value of Personal and professional Leadership, to allow people to improve their capabilities, productivity and goals in all dimensions.


Rina de Klerk-Weyer lives in Pretoria and has a doctorate in Social Work. She did extensive research and attended many conferences in the USA and locally before she, together with Ronel le Roux, devised a particular course in EQ. Over the years articles were published on them and their work (in Sarie, Beeldand Femina) which contributed to their popularity. They are frequently heard on radio, and often give talks on EQ and their work in that field.Their courses have been hosted in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontein. They have received numerous requests to publish their course in book form.

rina de klerk

Books by Rina de Klerk Weyer:

Now widely recognised as a greater predictor of success in life than IQ, emotional intelligence is what enables you to build lasting, meaningful relationships and a flourishing career. Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence isn’t fixed at birth – it continues to develop with life experience.

* Know, understand and motivate yourself.
* Learn to read, sense, appreciate and manage your interactions with other people.
* Emotional Intelligence: A Workbook for your wellbeing is an excellent resource for understanding and raising your emotional intelligence.
* Offers 126 easy-to-do activities to develop your EI capabilities, while taking your cognitive, physical, social and spiritual abilities into account.
* Proven, hands-on methods for achieving personal fulfilment and professional excellence.

Children with high Emotional Intelligence:

get along better with friends and family

can stand up to peer pressure

score higher academically

resolve conflict without resorting to violence

enjoy better physical health

are more resilient and happierthan those who have not been taught these skills. Children with EI also know how to make the most of every opportunity that life offers. Fortunately, EI is a skill which all children can be taught. And, like a muscle, it improves with practice!

This workbook is the product of careful research and the perfect tool for teachers and parents to use in the classroom or at home. It contains 146 age-appropriate activities, each one carefully designed to help children – from toddlers to teens –develop their EI and reach their full potential now and as adults.

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Rina De Klerk - Motivational and Keynote Speaker - Johannesburg

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