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Ricky De Agrela

ricky de agrela

Ricky De Agrela - Motivational Speaker - Cape Town

Ricky De Agrela’s adventurous spirit developed from an early age. He started parachuting at the age of 16, underwent two years of air-force training, and embarked on his first round-the-world trip in 1982, setting off with a backpack and US$ 100.

He has excelled in many sporting disciplines including cycling, running, surfing, mountaineering, canoeing, swimming and hang gliding.

In 2004 he established the record for the Longest Microlight Expedition in the world.

Today Ricky has re-established himself in business. Nonetheless, he regularly creates the time to continue his adventurous travels doing motivational presentations around the globe. His long-term objective is to travel to every country in the world to highlight the positive world in which we live.

ricky de agrela

Ricky's Bike
The reason for choosing this motor bike is primarily because of its simplicity and the practicalities around maintainance and repairs. Honda is amongst the most established motor cycle supplier and manufacturer in the region ensuring availability of parts and mechanical assistance. It is a very small motorbike for the over 20,000km expedition but this will add to the challenge of the experience. The biggest difficulties will be to operate the motor bike up the extremely high mountain passes of the Andes. I hope to overcome these problems by adjusting the carburettor at altitude. There certainly won't be room or power to carry many luxuries but then again to really travel one has to travel light.

“Freedom Flight” Microlight World Record Setter – 2004

New to the speaking circuit, Ricky de Agrela set a world record in November 2004 by flying his microlight across five continents and over 63,000 kilometers (39,000 miles) – the longest microlight expedition in the world. Ricky’s story is one of extreme highs and achievements and heart breaking lows. A journey that presented disappointment, and tragedy, but ultimately triumph and success.
In July 2006 Ricky's story was published as "Freedom Flight" by Struik.

Ricky says “All things are possible. All destinations achievable. The journey may not be what we expect it to be, but it will be our journey.”

ricky de agrela

In 2004 microlight adventurer Ricky De Agrela and his best friend Alan Honeyborne set off for what has been described as one of the boldest adventures ever in aviation history. They embarked on an extraordinary attempt to break the world record for the longest journey in the smallest aircraft. 11 months, 32 countries and 64 000 kilometers later Ricky returned triumphant, but alone.

ricky de agrela

Alan had died in a fatal accident over the jungles of China just 5 months into the trip. Pushing on alone, and encountering enormous hurdles and setbacks, Ricky honoured their commitment and completed over 6 months of tough solo flight to break the world record.

This Life Stories interview takes us into a rare behind the scenes account of ‘Freedom Flight’, as told by Ricky himself. It also introduces us to Ricky’s 19 year old daughter Tash who conducted the main interview via Skype from Adelaide and was only 12 when Ricky’s adventure began.

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Ricky De Agrela - Motivational Speaker - Cape Town

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