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Patricia Glyn - Motivational Speaker - Cape Town

Patricia Glyn is a South African eco- adventurer, writer and inspirational speaker. She’s a former radio and television broadcaster, her books are best sellers in her home country and her keynote talks are highly sought after locally and internationally.

‘Off Peak’ is her account of the Discovery expedition to Mount Everest in 2003. ‘Footing with Sir Richard’s Ghost’ is about her 2 200 kilometre walk along the 19th century hunter/trader routes to the interior of Africa.

Her ancestor, Sir Richard George Glyn and his brother Robert came to African in 1863, lured to the continent by David Livingstone’s recently published account of his ‘discovery’, The Victoria Falls. Armed with Richard’s diary and with her African dog by her side, Patricia shadowed the 1863 expedition of her forebears along the river systems of South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

patricia glyn

Patricia Glyn is a familiar face and voice to South African audiences, having been in broadcasting for 15 years. On radio she’s remembered best for 'Patricia’s People' – a programme which profiled the great explorers, scientists, historians and eccentrics of the world. On TV, she’s hosted many different shows, among them the controversial documentary series ‘Point Blank’.

Documentaries have remained a passion throughout her career. She covered a lone horsewoman’s attempt to cross Africa from coast to coast; she spent three days with the dead in the Johannesburg mortuary and she begged at downtown traffic lights with a piece of cardboard and a hidden camera.

In 2002, Patricia and 13 of her listeners walked 500 kilometres from the lowest to the highest points of Zimbabwe at a rate of 50 kilometres per day. Their efforts raised much needed funds for the animals suffering horribly as a result of political turmoil in that country. She’s canoed sections of several of Africa’s great rivers, she’s climbed Kilimanjaro twice, and Aconcagua (the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere) once – all but the last 300 metres when the team was beaten back by a killer storm. The experience was so terrifying that she ain’t going back for the rest!

In 2003, Patricia spent three months at Mount Everest, reporting on the Discovery team’s efforts to stand on top of the world. Her daily journal describing life on this great mountain was later published as a popular book called ‘Off Peak’.

patricia glyn

More recently, in 2005, she walked from Durban to the Victoria Falls in the footsteps of two of her ancestors who got to the Falls shortly after David Livingstone. The two thousand kilometre journey took her along the old hunter/trader routes to the interior of Africa, often off-road and often in Big Five territory. It gave her unique insights into the life of people and animals on our stupendous continent and renewed passion for its preservation.‘Footing with Sir Richard’s Ghost’ is the book Patricia wrote about this odyssey and it is a bestseller in South Africa.

Patricia Glyn is a South African television and radio presenter, adventurer, motivational speaker and media trainer best known for her SAfm radio talk show Patricia's People, in which she profiled the great explorers, scientists, historians and eccentrics of the world.

She is an English and Drama graduate of the University of Cape Town.

Her first job was in Public Relations for Anglo American in which she wrote for company magazines and publications. After travelling in Europe she lived in London for two years, again working in Public Relations, this time on the prestigious Guinness account for a London PR consultancy.

On her return to South Africa in 1985, Patricia decided to return to UCT to train her singing voice at The College of Music's Opera School. She left the course after three years, having decided that a professional career in opera would not be viable.

patricia glyn

Soon afterwards, in 1990, she auditioned successfully for Radio South Africa (now SAfm) and was employed as a presenter and producer of magazine programmes.

Patricia worked on environmental, women's, arts and general entertainment shows for two years before being seconded to present the morning news programme, then called Radio Today. Later she anchored the lunchtime equivalent, Newsbrief.

Patricia then decided to develop her interest in the world's great scientists, explorers and eccentrics and for seven years she interviewed them twice a week on her show Patricia's People.

The programme was produced, researched and edited by Patricia and as all these international celebrities have published books about their experiences, it entailed copious reading in preparation for the profiles.

Her classical music knowledge was extensively used on the station, on a daily show she presented called Sundowner Classics. Patricia also produced and presented numerous documentaries and special features for SAfm throughout the 13 years she was employed by the station, both as a full-timer and then as a freelance broadcaster.

In 1991 Patricia was chosen after hotly contended auditions to anchor the SABC's leading chat and magazine programme of the time, Antenna. This weekly live show entailed interviewing visiting and local celebrities as well as general anchoring duties.

In time, Antenna was replaced by a news/magazine show called 6 on 1, in which Patricia was required to read news as well. For a couple of years after that, she did news reading on an ad hoc basis for the SABC.

In 1996, Patricia was selected to present the controversial and hard hitting documentary series Point Blank which saw her travelling around South Africa filming aspects of the country and its people which were often violent and seedy. The programme was the subject of much debate among film-makers and the general public throughout its three seasons on SABC3.

patricia glyn

She also appeared on the weekly SABC2 show A Word or 2 in which she joined Jeremy Mansfield and fellow panellists in adjudicating the words that participants in the game put forward.

In August 2002, Patricia and 13 of her listeners took part in The Blue Cross Challenge in Zimbabwe. This entailed walking 500 kilometres, at a rate of 50 kilometres per day, from the lowest to the highest points of that country in an effort to raise money for the animals of that country, suffering horribly as a result of Robert Mugabe's land invasions.

Four months later, in December 2002, she took on the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere, Mount Aconcagua in Argentina. The team were beaten back by a storm 300 metres from the summit.

Patricia has climbed Kilimanjaro twice and has canoed a few of Africa's rivers, most recently an early tributary of the Zambezi, the West Lunga in North Western Zambia.

In 2003, Patricia spent three months at Mount Everest, reporting on the Discovery team’s efforts to stand on top of the world. Her daily journal describing life on this great mountain was later published as a popular book called Off Peak.

Patricia has also done extensive media training for some of South Africa's leading companies. This involves teaching corporate executives interview, TV and radio techniques.

She was one of the featured celebrities on the first season of the South African version of the genealogy documentary series Who Do You Think You Are? (based on the British series of the same name), which premiered on SABC2 in May 2009.

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Patricia Glyn - Motivational Speaker - Cape Town

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