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Linda Smith

linda smith

Linda Smith - Motivational and Keynote Speaker - Durban

In May 2005 Dr Credo Mutwa the great Sangoma (shaman) 'threw the bones' for me. The Litunga or great Emperor, King Mwanawina Lewanika of Barotseland, Northern Rhodesia/Zambia, where I had been privileged to enjoy my childhood, had presented these ancient and sacred ‘divining bones’ (an assortment of shells and carvings, etc) to Dr Mutwa. I had an overwhelming feeling of ‘these ‘bones’ come from my country’. I held my hands over the basket containing the ‘bones’, and then it was tipped out onto the floor.

Credo said that I knew much, and was to write a book and share my knowledge and wisdom with the world. I was also ordered by the bones to ‘tell the world the truth about those old countries’. For some time prior to this event, my inner voice, which I had disregarded, had been nudging me to write. Words within indeed needed to flow.

linda smith

Although I was born in South Africa, my childhood was an exuberant experience in Central Africa. Unfortunately, political events interfered with people’s minds, war broke out and chaos reigned. As a small child I never believed the official version of events and have since become a truth seeker.

She has lived and worked overseas. In South Africa after becoming disillusioned with the business world Linda opted to fulfil her life’s purpose of becoming an author, freelance journalist and public speaker. She is regularly interviewed on radio. Her political articles appear weekly in newspapers throughout South Africa

Her main motivation is to encourage people to allow their life to be a gift to the world by always presenting themselves at their best.

Linda’s first book “Returning to Myself” is semi-autobiographic detailing the events of her life, the political manipulations and the demise of good and prosperous countries. Her first hand experiences and the wisdom gleaned from them offers humanity a better way of living and being.

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Linda Smith - Motivational and Keynote Speaker - Durban

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