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john tibane

John Tibane - Business and Motivational Speaker - Pretoria

John Mvuselelo Tibane was born on 23 March 1963 in Komatipoort, a little town on the border of South Africa and Mozambique. He is the first born in a family of three children. He is a Shangaan boy who grew up in a Swazi Village called Kwa-Lugedlane and attended a Zulu school. At the age of 12, he experienced parental separation when his father left him and his little brother and sister, and his sickly mother. His mother worked on a farm despite her ill-health and died when John was 17 years old. She died of Cholera.

By God's grace, John and his siblings found care from their uncle who regarded them as his own children. Thanks also to Mrs Mtshali and the late Mr Mtshali who took over financial responsibility for John's schooling in the last two grades at High School, and first year fees at Medical School.

John managed to go through medical schooling at MEDUNSA [Medical University of Southern Africa]. He qualified in 1989 and did his Internship at Ga-Rankuwa Hospital. He later obtained a Diploma in Business Management and Executive Development through Damelin Management School.

Following completion of his internship he started a Medical Practice in Mamelodi, a township east of Pretoria, in 1991. He developed the practice into a Medical Centre that saw him hiring another Medical Doctor to assist him in attending to about 100 patients a day. The centre also housed a Radiographer, a Dentist, a Physiotherapist and an Optometrist.

Whilst practising as a Medical Doctor, John showed signs of entrepreneurship as he began to expand his centre into a complex that housed a butchery that he owned, which later became a supermarket that he also owned. The same complex also had a number of rooms that he rented out to tenants. This stimulated him to study Business Management in 1996 as he prepared to exit Medical Practice.

john tibane

At the end of 1996 Dr Tibane made a dramatic change. Mentally prepared by having studied Business Management he was still in Medical Practice, he moved into motivational speaking and management consulting. He spent two years submitting to his mentor, Dr David Molapo, of the I CAN Foundation. After the two year mentorship contract ended, he started his own consulting firm in 1997 with his wife Ruth. This firm, Tibane Consulting Services, has grown to be an organization that reaches out to individuals and businesses with exhortation, encouragement, enlightenment and enablement. Dr Tibane has grown to be a noted author, a high-rated speaker and a veteran executive coach and a leadership consultant.

Dr Tibane has become an idea-maker in his country and abroad. Speaking in conferences, churches, radio and television, as well as communicating through his cutting-edge books and audio programmes, Dr Tibane has become a house-hold name in South Africa.

Dr Tibane is married to an awesome woman, Ruth who co-founded Tibane Consulting. They are blessed with three champion sons, Ntsako, Mohau and Mfumo. They reside in Pretoria, South Africa. Whilst he travels extensively for his business activities, small things such as taking his kids to school and sharing a meal with his family, are the things that inspire him most.

Dr Tibane know that his sufficiency is not of his own, but it is from God who has given him the grace and the favour. He believes that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. He believes that God makes all things to work together for good for him. God is the author and the finisher of his faith and purpose.

john tibane

Dr John Tibane is a Medical Consultant turned Human and Organizational Development Consultant. A product of Medical Training, Medical Practice, Business Training, Entrepreneurial Involvement and Business Consulting, Dr Tibane is well positioned to be a well-sought after trusted advisor that he is.

Dr Tibane is a top-rated professional speaker who blends Exhortation, Encouragement, Enlightenment, Enablement and Engagement of his audiences. In an inspirational, informative and interactive way, he gives people the advice they need to advance their lives. He speaks on a range of subjects, including Personal and Organizational Performance, Everyday Excellence, Triumphant Teams, Thinking for Winning, Strategic Thinking, Legendary Service, Transformational Leadership and Corporate Revival.

Dr Tibane believes that Success is a Science. If it is a science, it means it can be studied and applied. Through his coaching system, he helps people study and apply the science of success. He coaches individuals, teams and business partners on performance, execution brilliance, emotional intelligence and leadership. He believes that "Leaders are Led to Lead".

The patience of a physician helping an ailing body to heal, the art of a surgeon reconstructing destroyed tissues, and the understanding of organizational dynamics, are the qualities Dr Tibane possesses - which makes him an exceptional facilitator. His areas of facilitation include:
- Strategic Management Process
- Relationship Building Sessions
- Conflict Resolutions
- Change Conversations
- Diversity Valuing Sessions
- Corporate Revival Programmes

The ink on the pages of Dr Tibane's books will cause you to think. He has written eight books, including Do It Because You Can, Be Inspired or Get Expired, and Turbo Think. He has sold many copies to individuals and organizations.
In addition to written material, Dr Tibane has a set of Audio Learning Programmes, including Everyday Excellence Volume 1 and 2. He also has a number of Video Learning Programmes including Achieving Breakthrough Success.

Over the years, Dr Tibane has designed, developed and delivered a number of programmes that have produced lasting results for a number of organizations. These include:
Corporate Revival:
This is a people-focused change programme designed to influence people at four levels:
- the way people think [ATTITUDE]
- the way people feel [CLIMATE]
- the way people act [CULTURE]
- the way people interact [SERVICE]

john tibane

The Leadership Triad:
This is a leadership development model that helps leaders to understand and apply the three dimensions of leadership:
- Transectional Leadership [ focus: pragmatism ]
- Transformational Leadership [ focus: progressiveness ]
- Transpersonal [Moral] Leadership [ focus: principle-
centered ]

This is a programme designed to develop high performing individuals and teams. Based on Dr Tibane's book Powered2Perform, the programme describes ten performance strategies of super-performers.

Turbo Think Programme
This programme is based on Dr Tibane's classic book Turbo Think.
It helps people understand and apply the ten proven thinking styles which improve life and business. The ten thinking styles are:
Billboard Thinking - Possibility Thinking - Strategic Thinking - Assertive Thinking - Poly-ocular Thinking - Outcomes-based Thinking - Zero-based Thinking - Discontinuous Thinking - Confluent Thinking, and Harvest Thinking.

In addition to the many individuals and organizations he has touched through his motivational speaking, key-note addresses and books, Dr Tibane has rendered value-added services through consulting and coaching contracts to many organizations including:
- Standard Bank [Novo Leadership Programme]
- South African Secret Services [Corporate Revival]
- Department of Foreign Affairs - State Protocol [Strategic Management Process]
- Eskom - Generation & Distribution [Accelerated Development Programme]
- North West Education Department [Turbo Schools Programme]
- Mpumalanga Economic Development Department [Strategic Management Programme]
- Mpumalanga Gambling Board [Corporate Revival]
- Harmony Gold [Corporate Revival and Diversity Management]
- ABP Consult Ltd - Ghana [Corporate Revival]
- Central Bank of Namibia [Diversity Management]
- Vodacom [Powered2Perform]
- LEAD Associates - Ghana [Corporate Revival]
- Department of Agriculture - Limpopo [Relationship Building]
- National Union of Mine Workers - NUM [Image Builder Programme]
- Cell C
- Institute for Performance Management
- Total SA
- Anglo Gold Ashanti
- Hotazel Manganese Mines

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John Tibane - Business and Motivational Speaker - Pretoria

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