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  • Entertainment-Online.co.za (division of SA Online - a web based services company) is a resource offering quotes and bookings for South African Entertainment.
  • Unlike an Entertainment Agency, we operate purely off the internet. We focus on response time and dedicated attention to our clients and suppliers alike.


First of Its Kind

Entertainment-Online.co.za was the very first resource to actively market entertainment and related services on the internet, both nationally and internationally with over 800 adverts running daily in 10 countries and, by our own rule, spend a portion of each confirmed booking as a reinvestment in continuing to do so. 

While the internet is generally considered an impersonal place to do business and deal with people, we have successfully booked hundreds of entertainers from top SA celebrities to the entertainers of the future purely using the power of the internet. We are proud to have built so many great relationships with Clients and Entertainers alike.


Behind the Scenes

Requests generated through us are processed by a national network of in-house and freelance specialist consultants and who work under the strict client service guidelines of SA Online. SA Online is a web based services broker – www.sa-online-services.co.za – marketing and administrative company for services brokered on the internet.

Entertainment-Online.co.za is not an Agency or Events Company. We do not claim mandate, management or ownership of any entertainment detailed on the website and requests for services are managed through our networks directly to the entertainer or their nominated management. Entertainment Online’s consultants earn a fee off each invoice.


What sets us apart for an entertainment agency?

  1. Entertainment Online.co.za does not manage entertainers or suppliers.

  2. Entertainment-Online.co.za is a web based marketing and administration services provider, a division of SA Online (www-sa-online-services.co.za), brokering only the very best quality products and services on the internet.  Entertainment-Online.co.za specializes in marketing and brokering bookings for the very best South African celebrity and professional entertainers and related service providers.



  1. Is the first company is South Africa to have spent in excess of 1.4 million ZAR active marketing and 0.5 million ZAR in passive marketing, promoting SA's talent exclusively on the web for corporate function bookings. Effectively we reinvest a percentage per booking back into marketing of SA talent. Collectively paying out over 40 million to SA Artists since its inception.

  2. Processes between 2400 and 3600 corporate clients through its network of consultants throughout South Africa (yearly).

  3. Processes an additional 3600 clients relating to festivals, private functions and other events.  

  4. Has at any one time between 4 and 6 full time consultants - all of whom have over 5 years industry experience and excellent client and supplier relations.  

  5. Remains open 365 days a year.

  6. Follows the very strictest booking process, in accordance with industry standards and the South African Consumer Act, meaning that both client and suppliers are very well protected thought the booking process. 

  7. Always pays suppliers on time, every time.  

  8. Works with every entertainer who wishes to take advantage of our unique marketing, booking and administrative service.  

  9. Processes 80% of bookings within South Africa, 20% are international. 

  10. Attends the majority of its events. 

  11. Has an exclusive Quality Control and Supplier Manager. 

  12. Executes a direct marketing campaign to entertainment venues and festivals.   

  13. Does not charge entertainers, or suppliers for services, and adds a profit mark up per item in accordance with our bill of costs.


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