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Eddie Botes

eddie botes

Eddie Botes - Motivational Speaker and Keynote Speaker - Cape Town

Eddie Botes is a highly sought after International speaker, Trainer, Facilitator and Change Artist. For almost a decade and a half, Eddie has been inspiring and challenging audiences to think differently in a world that is changing faster than we can imagine. He has spoken and trained in eight countries with audiences as diverse as corporate executives in multi-national organizations to traditional leaders from some of the most remote locations on the planet.

He is the founder of LeaderShift, an organization dedicated to inspiring and developing greatness in the areas of Leadership, sales and customer service. Leadershift also helps organizations manage talent effectively by offering state of the art profiling and assessment tools designed for job match, succession planning, coaching and development.

Eddie is passionate about the pursuit of learning and the gaining of new knowledge. He is a student of the great thinkers and is particularly interested in the changing nature of work and how it will impact on individuals and organizations going into the future.

Eddie’s authentic, engaging and dynamic presentation style combined with meaningful content will push the boundaries of your current thinking and challenge you to see yourself, your company and other people through new lenses. He has the ability to connect with audiences across the boundaries of age, gender, race, social status or belief system and the message he leaves will linger long in the minds of delegates and inspire them to take meaningful action.

He has worked extensively on the beautiful continent of Africa working with numerous multi-national organizations ,helping to create leadership cultures, which result in greater trust, and a greater synergy between departments and teams. The results of his interventions are also to help individuals achieve a wise and sustained balance between work and family in the midst of constant pressures and crises.

eddie botes

Professional Speaker and trainer focusing on Leadership, sales, customer service and personal transformation. Profiling and assessment tools used for job match, leadership development and succession planning.

Eddie Botes is a professional speaker, trainer and facilitator. During the last twelve years he has addressed audiences in eight different countries inspiring delegates to live their best possible lives. Whether he is speaking to executives at multi national organisations or traditional leaders from some of the most remote places on the planet, Eddie has the ability to connect with his audience in a manner that transcends race, age or culture. Delegates have described his style as innovative, passionate and authentic.

The conditioning process that we are exposed to as individuals in many cases prevents us from becoming the kinds of human beings we have the potential to
become. We become a slave to the past and live our lives on an almost unconscious level, seldom awakening to reality. We buy into the world’s definition of what success is all about, and this in turn dramatically influences the definition we have of ourselves. We project our insecurities and fears onto others and live unauthentic lives.

Book Eddie today for an inspiring look at how we can move beyond our current reality and live our best lives. Eddie is a professional member of the Professional speakers association of Southern Africa and the International federation for professional speakers.

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Eddie Botes - Motivational Speaker and Keynote Speaker - Cape Town

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