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Corne Ferreira

corne ferreira

Corne Ferreira - Motivational, Business and Marketing Speaker - Johannesburg

I've made my 1st Million at age 24 in Financial Services Sector, age 25 Group Executive Chairman/founder and 70% shareholder, i started Ferreira Group. Within 4 years we had a million loyal clients and a company with R200 million market cap. At age 30, i merged Ferreira with Unibank, listed (JSE) company Unifer with R4 billion market cap and loan advances of over R5 billion was born. ABSA delisted Unifer after a Multi-Billion rand acquisition. In buy back of Ferreira and name change to Lesaka Holdings, with 850 000 COSATU members as shareholders, together with myself as Group MD, the 2nd largest BBBEE company was born. i became very ill and lost the usage of both my hands and resigned from Lesaka as MD and sold my shares to Union Consortium. Lesaka Holdings is still today a leading, 100% controlled black company. After a full recovery, i focused full time on appearances as a public speaker with a very interesting story to tell.

corne ferreira

I am a:
I speak about:
Alcoholism/Drug Abuse, Attitude, Business, Business Continuity, Business Growth, Business Trends, Careers, Change, Communication, Community Relations, Competition, Conflict Resolution, Corporate Responsibility, Creativity, Crime (International and Domestic)/Homeland Security/Terrorism, Customer Service, Dealing with Difficult People, Disabilities/Disability Awareness, Diversity, Employees and Workforce Development, Empowerment, Entrepreneurial Business, Ethics/Integrity, Family Business, Future, Goal Setting, Human Resources and Labor Relations, Image/Self Esteem, Inspirational, Leadership, Life at Work, Life Balance, Lifestyle, Management, Marketing, Marriage, Media, Military, Motivation, Negotiation, Networking, Partnering/Strategic Advantage, Patriotic Issues, Peak Performance, Performance Improvement, Productivity, Profitability, Sales, Strategic Planning, Success, Teambuilding, Time Management/Self Management, Vision and Purpose, Youth Education
Other Topics I Speak About (not listed above)
How to overcome challenges, realize your dreams, from saleman to super salesman, to have the courage to look past the wrong and see the right

corne ferreira

My Bio:
Made my first Million at age 24, before age 25 founder/Group Exec Chair. of leading comp.in distr. of financial services with a national branch network, close to a million customers with R200 Mill market cap, all in less than 5 years. before age 30, I merged Ferreira Group with Unibank Holdings and 5 fully owned Subsidiaries: Global, Constantia and Emerald Insurance Companies, Union Finance and Rubenstein Investments with a 2 million client base, 4000 Sales and Administrative employees and with well over 5 Billion Rand in loan advances. ABSA bought the entire share capital of UniFer in a Multi-Billion rand transaction, the 2nd largest aquisition made by ABSA every since the purchase of Bankfin. As 100% Shareholder ABSA delisted UniFer. I got approached by 4 COSATU unions representing 850 000 black workers to negotiate the buy back of Ferreira Group from ABSA. In a multi-million rand transaction we bought Ferreira Group, with union consortium as 70% shareholder and as Group MD/Founder together with management consortium as 30% shareholder and changed the name to Lesaka Holdings. In my first year as Group MD of Lesaka i grew the net income with 300%. During my 2nd year as MD i became very ill as a result of a flesh eating bacteria in my soft tissue. I've lost the usage in both my hands and resigned from Lesaka as MD. After a full recovery, i focused fulltime on my appearances as a Public Speaker with a very interesting story to tell.

corne ferreira

What I do best:
from a very young age i was responsible in negotiating multi-billion rand transactiions between Businness, Politicians and organized Labour. I am a specialist in the turn around of uner performing companies. Very well respected in the corparate inviroment. One strong attribute is his indept knowledge of the role that the political arena can play in the corridors of corparate business. I have the ability to influence and motivate people behind any course of substance. At age of 44 and with 22 year experiance at top level of corparate business and deal making and the start up of new companiesl, allows me to share my differant views with the necessary authority with others and can communicate on all levels and i've got the ability to bring accross whatever is relevant. My Catergories as a Public Speaker are: "the art of starting up a new Business", "How to overcome challenges", "Realizing Dreams", "From Salesman to Super Salesman", "effective Networking", "The courage to look past the wrongs and see the rights"...etc.

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Corne Ferreira - Motivational, Business and Marketing Speaker - Johannesburg

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