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Benita Levin

benita levin

Benita Levin - Radio Personality, Motivational Speaker and Mc - Johannesburg

Benita Levin focuses on life-coaching for men and women looking to improve various aspects of their lives. It’s about making YOU happy… now.

If you feel there is something missing in your life – whether it be your personal, work, family or social life, Benita is ready to listen to you.

If things are going pretty well in your life, but there is some small aspect that is niggling at you or getting you down, this could be exactly what you need.

Benita runs fun group sessions looking at tools to improve your personal life or your chaotic work load. She also conducts individual coaching sessions, tailored for you.

Whether it’s a fun workshop or a corporate motivational talk, Benita is ready to share the challenges she has overcome, and the tools and insights she has learnt and enjoyed on her journey as a busy mother, journalist, manager and life coach.

benita levin

Benita Levin has been working in the radio news industry for 18 years, both in Durban and Johannesburg. As a working mom of two, she is kept on her toes, working in an adrenalin-driven work environment as a radio news manager and news anchor for a leading South African broadcaster.

But it was her passion for people and her desire to help men and women reach their peak, in all aspects of their lives, which drew her to life coaching.

Benita runs fun group coaching sessions in which participants laugh and (sometimes cry) as they discuss Martha Beck’s tools and how they can help you cope with all challenges in your life… ranging from personal, relationships and family, to career chaos and work stress.

Benita started Lovelifenow after completing her life coaching training with Martha Beck, Judy Klipin and Chi-Chi Muzariri.

“Life coaching with Martha, Judy and Chi-Chi has helped me immensely, especially as a working mom who has to cope with a potentially overwhelming list of things to do at any given moment. Every day has a new set of exciting challenges, and the coaching helps you work towards achieving your true goals …and still end the day with a smile on your face!”

Benita also runs individual coaching sessions customized for anyone wanting to improve some aspect of their lives.

Benita Levin is a vivacious, caring, skillful coach, one who can make her clients feel that solving their problems is not only possible, but fun. She has a particular gift for working with singles looking to create lasting relationships, mothers who need to find their balance in the chaos of caregiving, and anyone who feels overwhelmed by the myriad pressures of modern life. Let her help turn your challenges into adventures–she’s a lovely guide!

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Benita Levin - Radio Personality, Motivational Speaker and Mc - Johannesburg

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